Dr. Julia’s Inn: Healthy diet is part of back-to-school regimen

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.

I love the month of August, for I get to see all of my young patients going back to school. I am blessed to have moms and grandmoms bring in their children for school checkups.

I remind them to be mindful of their diet. For their immune system to be healthy, they have to eat a diet that is high in raw vegetables, raw fruit and good-quality proteins. For them to concentrate and be the best of the best, they have to eat again a diet that is full of raw fruits, raw vegetables and good-quality proteins. A diet that is full of dead, processed foods, fats and refined sugars will cause you not only to be obese, but you are not able to concentrate. This, I tell them, is called the yo-yo syndrome. Every time you eat something that is dead and processed, full of fats and sugars, your blood sugar rises, and within a couple of hours, your blood sugar will crash. Every time you crash, you reach for something that is dead and processed, full of fats and sugars, for you are trying to get energy. This is a vicious circle and does not work. Eventually, this can cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

So, again, how can you stop this? Diet, be mindful of your diet. We need to be responsible about the foods that we are putting in our bodies. Our bodies are our temple and cannot be replaced. What you do today will represent your health in 10 years. Making wise food choices will make wise stress reductions.

As I walked my young patients out the door and gave them all hugs, I reminded them to do their brain exercises to make sure that the right hemisphere of the brain is talking to the left hemisphere. I reminded all of them to make sure that they take their DHA supplements, their silver, their digestive enzymes and their probiotics.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor who is celebrating her 12th year of being breast cancer-free by NOT doing the chemical therapy and radiation. You may reach her in her Rockford office at (815) 962-3326.

From the Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2011, issue

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