Kryptonite provides designated drivers

By Chris Wachowiak
Kryptonite Owner

Responsibility matters in life; and for a man who loves to be irresponsible from time to time, I’ve found a way to remove a bad choice that can haunt you.

Too often, I hear people complain about not wanting to take a cab in Rockford, because of a number of reasons: 1. Rockford cabs are sketchy. 2. It takes on average 30 minutes to get a cab to your location. 3. You don’t want to leave your car behind.

So, in a culture where DUIs are only on the upswing and tolerance for irresponsibility is diminishing, a new option needs to be examined.

When it came time to plan my wedding, I was looking for a responsible way to get my family members and guests home safely. I had seen some fliers about a year ago, and then I actually saw Designated Drivers of Rockford in action at an EMK Golf Outing.

So, as I was talking with owner Nick Jupin about his services, I realized I needed to give the guests at my bar some safer options in their life, and remove the DUI barriers for them and everyone who visits us.

Now, it’s no secret that at Kryptonite, we encourage people to have a good time. And some of our customers like to have a really good time … it’s not for us to judge. But it is up to us to try to direct you to smarter choices.

This is why Kryptonite partnered up with Designated Drivers of Illinois. Fully licensed and insured, Designated Drivers sit on site every Friday and Saturday, along with any special holiday or occasion like On the Waterfront or Screw City Beer Festival, offering Kryptonite customers a discounted rate to take guests and their cars home for $20.

Guests don’t even need to make a phone call on these days; they can just walk across the street as a team will always sit on site. Last, but not least, their team is all business — professional people who are passionate about what they do … a winning combination for partnering up with Kryptonite.

In life, it’s good to have options. And now, you have options for your safety and the safety of those in your lives. And if you come down on a night when it is not a weekend or holiday, Kryptonite customers get preferential treatment with faster service and still get a discount on the standard rate.

Remember, we want you around to be our customers for years to come! Our customers deserve better choices, which happen to be found at our front door. See you there — let’s have some fun!

Chris Wachowiak is owner of Kryptonite Music Lounge, 308 W. State St. The club can be reached at (815) 965-0931.

From the Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2011, issue

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