Lawson Self Storage, Captain Kirk to hold auction

Editor’s note: Lawson Self Storage was the winner of The Rock River Times’ “Free Ads for Year Contest,” held in July. Every ad placed in each issue of the paper during the month of July was entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free ad for a year of whatever size ad was purchased in the particular contest issue. As the winner, Lawson Self Storage will receive one “double-service” ad in the At Your Service section for 52 issues — for free. The contest will also be held in January. Call (815) 964-9767 for details about the contest and how to qualify.

Jennifer Rada, co-owner of Lawson Self Storage, 3718 Samuelson Road, Rockford, has announced they will hold a second auction with Captain Kirk’s Auctions this fall.

She reviewed the company’s history in an exclusive interview with The Rock River Times.

My father started the business in 1985,” Rada recalled. “Now, we have 102 storage units. My father built them out of sheet metal. There’s a size range from 12-by-19 feet to 14-by-49 feet. Also, there are back-to-back bigger-size units that would make them 14-by-68 feet. That’s designed for really big vehicles, like a huge RV or a boat. Along those lines, one of the most unusual items stored there was an old fire truck.

We’re having our second auction with Captain Kirk’s Auctions, Thursday, Oct. 27,” Rada continued. “Sign-in starts at 8:30 a.m., and the auction will begin at 9. It will be a liquidation of unpaid storage units as seen on popular television shows. They open up the door to the storage unit, and people can stand at the entryway and look in, but not enter.

Recently, the American Pickers came to Rockford, and Captain Kirk brought with him Hippie Tom, who was a guest on that show,” Rada said. “Captain Kirk was at Midway Village during the show, and he got to meet them. Captain Kirk hooked up with Hippie Tom, and is doing some auctions of his stuff.

The reason my dad started this storage and makes these really huge units is because he read in the newspaper that people who have huge RVs cannot park them in their yard or their driveway any more,” Rada said. “It’s against city ordinances.”

For more about Lawson Self Storage, call (815) 874-5499. See their ad, offering one free month, in the “At Your Service” section inside the Eureka! Classifieds on page D4 of the print edition.

From the Aug. 31-Sept. 4, 2011, issue

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