Photos: Biking with dino bones from Montana to Rockford: Burpee’s Dr. Alan Brown makes it!

Bob Kantner introduces Alan Brown. (Photo by Frank Schier, editor & publisher)

By Frank Schier
Editor & Publisher

For 1,021 miles and 27 days at an average of 2 miles per hour, Bob Kantner (top right photo) drove the support truck following Burpee Museum of Natural History Executive Director Dr. Alan Brown as he pedaled his bike from Ekalaka, Mont., to bring the last of Homer the dinosaur’s bones to their new home at Burpee Museum.

Kantner joked, “I learned truck drivers know a lot … a tractor trailer carrying pig manure goes faster than we do.” To which, Brown retorted, “Only uphill! Only uphill!”

The jokester duo passed through Montana, Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and home to Illinois.

The Burpee Museum discovered the most complete juvenile Triceratops ever found, and it’s time we bring Homer home!” said the 62 years-young Brown on the museum’s website.

Beginning at 6:45 a.m., Aug. 1, and every morning after, Brown had an interview with Aaron and Andy on Channel 23.

We were interviewed by five newspapers along the way, spreading the word about Burpee and Rockford,” Brown said.

More good humor and personal perseverance marked the trip with a visit to the Spam Museum and a toe patched up with duct tape.

Burpee Director of Marketing and Resource Development Nancy Whitlock (center right) gathered support for Brown’s trip, as was evident with the banner she presented him with on his return last Saturday, Aug. 27. Brown (bottom left) applauded donors Jay and

Alan Brown and Nancy Whitlock. (Photo by Frank Schier, editor & publisher)

Bart Brost for the loan of their new Ford F-150 pickup truck, the TREK bike company and Rockford Bicycle Company on Perryville Road.

We raised an estimated $20,000, and after expenses, we’ll net around $12,000 to $15,000,” Brown said.

To see all the fun and trials of this amazing trip, go to To make a donation, go to and click on “Homer is Coming Home. Click to Support the Ride.”

This smiling Herculean effort deserves a net of $20,000! Donate today!

From the Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2011, issue

Alan Brown applauds donors. (Photo by Frank Schier, editor & publisher)

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