‘RRS’ editorial board got it wrong again

The Register Star’s editorial board is almost always dead wrong in its editorials, no matter what the issue, because almost every issue gets their “affirmative-action” treatment.

Take their Aug. 29 editorial about Simon Peter Nelson. Haven’t you ever wondered, each and every one of the 17 times he has come up for a parole hearing in the almost 34 years he’s been imprisoned for murdering his six young children, why this ordinarily ultra-compassionate bunch suddenly turns into a pack of rabid pit bull terriers, snarlingly demanding that the key to Nelson’s cell simply be thrown away; that they don’t need to take Nelson’s remorse, if any, into account, because they don’t care to even hear it?

Here, in their own words, is why: “What’s to consider? Any MAN who can murder each of his children, one after the other (even the family dog wasn’t spared) will NEVER” be amenable to rehabilitation.

In short, the reason that “any MAN … will NEVER” is, very simply, that “any WOMAN … will ALWAYS.” There isn’t the slightest need to hear a mass-murderer’s remorse, if any, either, because even if she has none, she’ll be accorded the utmost in leniency.

The Aug. 29 paper also reported that Thomas Charles Fuller, age 61, who killed five children in Mattoon in 1968, had received his 14th denial of parole. How many FEMALE Nelsons and Fullers do you suppose there are, STILL INCARCERATED?

Norman Bleed

From the Sept. 14-20, 2011, issue

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