We need Right to Work in Illinois

October 5, 2011

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Gov. Pat Quinn Sept. 24. The letter writer wanted to share it with TRRT readers.

Governor Quinn:

American Rifleman, August 2011, Page 28: “Yamaha Increases U.S. Manufacturing Presence”

New investment by Yamaha in the U.S. $250 million will increase employees 200 people to add to their already work force of 1,400 employees at the manufacturing facility in Georgia.

Quote from U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Georgia): “If we don’t get manufacturing back in this country, we’re not going to have the recovery we need. (Georgia) is a great right-to-work state. We believe n business.”

It’s all well and good gays can get together in Illinois, “Civil Unions Start for Illinois Gays,” “Illinois Abolishes the Death Penalty.” Murders and rapists will not get the death peanalty (hardest decision you ever made).


I wrote to you before about how VW & Ray LaHood inaugurated a new VW plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. Over 2,000 employees will produce 150,000 vehicles a year. Over 10,000 additional employees will be needed to support the factory. VW will invest about $1 billion in this venture.

The NLRB [National Labor Relations Board] (Obama) has stopped Boeing from adding, not moving production, to South Carolina — a $750 million plant.

Why can’t Illinois (of course we know why) attract some of this business and put the unemployed people in Illinois to work? If people had jobs, maybe you would not have to raise taxes again another 67 percent. Do you think the Chicago (Obama, unions) mob has the right to keep businesses out of Illinois? Congratulations to you and the Chicago (D.C.) mob for making Illinois No. 2 in the country, only behind California, that companies said they would never open a factory or any other business in. What Illinois needs is a government that believes in (people working) A RIGHT TO WORK STATE.

James C. Davis,
Illinois taxpayer
Byron, Ill.

From the Oct. 5-11, 2011, issue

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