Guest Column: Natural Cancer Treatments for Advanced Cancer Patients website

By Therese Rose is a must-read for everyone! This educational website lists CURES for all types of cancer, in all stages. It also lists a variety of options to choose from that are not harmful to the body. The alternative cancer treatments listed are for everyone. Even for those who may have had radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The website is especially hopeful for those where traditional methods no longer work. (As skin is part of the immune system, this website lists products that can be applied directly on the skin that will start affecting cancer.)

This website gives step-by-step specific, detailed, up-to-date instructions to follow. Cancer Tutor “rates” the strength of alternative cancer treatments. Listed are options to either kill cancer cells, or revert cancer cells back to healthy cells. Also listed are inexpensive, yet potent cancer treatments. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about cancer, and healing naturally, is in this website.

Although the website reads “Natural Cancer Treatments for Advanced Cancer Patients,” it is so much more. also includes non-toxic treatments for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s, and autism, to name a few. Whether a victim of cancer, a cancer survivor, or health caregiver, you will be well educated on cancer, and alternative cancer treatments when finished reading.

As a breast cancer survivor researching cancer by studying the works of “natural healing” physicians, I have declined a mastectomy, and have chosen to let my body heal itself and shrink my tumor — naturally! Please know that sugar feeds cancer! And each cancer cell has 84 receptors to sugar. Plus, it takes 15 days for a cancer cell to divide. Cancer is the result of a compromised immune system, and that means your body is acidic instead of alkaline.

Cancer cannot spread in an alkaline system. Please take the time to read this most informative website, and know all your options before choosing your treatment. Once armed with the knowledge, stay strong, stay determined, and be confident that your body can fix itself. And even more important, keep up the fight because you can win, despite what you may have been told. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP! We have been gifted with a body that has the incredible ability to heal itself, and when we give it what it needs, it can do its magic.

Therese Rose is a Natural Healing advocate whose mentor is St. Therese of the Child Jesus, and in honor of the Poor Clares, wrote this column.

From the Oct. 19-25, 2011, issue

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