Local songwriter listed on Neil Young’s website

Local songwriter Ron E. Rawhoof recently submitted a song, “Too Much to Lose,” about a disabled homeless vet, to Neil Young’s website, Living With War Songs of the Times. An Iraq veteran, Josh Hisle, who is a friend of Rawhoof’s, persuaded him to submit it. Hisle was also covered in the news by an embedded journalist who recorded him playing music to his fellow soldiers. Hisle was eventually included in Young’s film Deja Vu and is on tour with Stephen Stills.

Rawhoof objected at first, saying his song was a rough demo, but Hisle persuaded him to submit it anyway. Rawhoof has watched in amazement as the song rose among 3,400 tunes posted, to No. 110, then No. 63, then No. 23, and today, No. 16. If the song’s popularity continues to soar, Rawhoof may soon find his “rough demo” in the top 10!

From the Oct. 19-25, 2011, issue

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