Obama’s second stimulus

The Obama “jobs” (stimulus) bill is turning out to be nothing more than a tool for Obama to trash the Republicans with his half-truths and an excuse to travel the country on public money campaigning for his 2012 election. The opposition must fund their campaign with private money.

His stated jobs targets are policemen, firemen, teachers and construction workers. These four groups are all union members. They funded at least $400 million of his last election. This stimulus bill may be a down payment for his 2012 election. Many union members and I would prefer campaign contributions to be voluntary.

Obama thinks nothing of throwing money at the unemployed so they can sit on their porch and complain, or worse yet, march on Wall Street protesting “who knows what.” There appears to be a large number of unemployed who want jobs, but a much smaller number who want to work.

If the Obama administration had required the unemployed to pursue new skills as a condition of receiving their unemployment check, we would have a much more highly-skilled workforce today. As a result, thousands of open skilled jobs would be filled. One must wonder who is doing the thinking.

Rolland O. Westra

From the Nov. 2-8, 2011, issue

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