Who gets the jobs?

Goldwind China will build a $200 million wind farm in Lee County, Illinois. The project will provide 109.5 megawatts of power, and create more than 100 construction and a dozen permanent maintenance jobs in Illinois.

Yamaha created 1,600 jobs in Georgia, and VW created 2,000 jobs in Tennessee this year.

Illinois Gov. Pat. Quinn gets China to provide 100 construction jobs with dozens of permanent (maintenance) jobs in Illinois. What’s wrong with this picture — Tennessee and Georgia get 3,600 full-time jobs, not to mention all the jobs created by the workers?


How much is Illinois giving back in tax incentives? Who will buy the power created?

James C. Davis
Byron, Ill.

From the Nov. 2-6, 2011, issue

One thought on “Who gets the jobs?

  • Nov 3, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Good luck with that “Right to Work” state idea. Although I agree with you 100%, RTW will never happen in this state, as long as the unions OWN Illinois State Government.

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