Government considers people ‘the enemy’

Rock River Times deserves high praise for its printing of other-places-unprintable charges about Winnebago County Board’s cozy relationship with developers, and with commercial interests such as William Charles. I am happy to continue to see commentary by Nichole Larison Sammon, even after the East State Street asphalt plant, which she opposed, is a done deal.

If you have a sense that the government now considers the people to be “the enemy,” you must be paying attention. A Dec. 10 story at says federal agents demanded the identification of persons keeping food stores at a Mormon-owned cannery in Tennessee. We know that in April, federal agents tricked an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania into selling them raw milk, after he refused for months, and arrested him. In California, feds have dumped vast pounds of unpasteurized cheeses, without any recompense to the family business. The guess is that big dairy interests don’t want these people cutting into their market.

Come to the Northern IL Tea Party Thursday, Dec. 15, 6:30 p.m. meeting, where you can speak your piece about what is going on in this nation. The venue, this month only, is Rockton Township Offices, 1315 N. Blackhawk, just north of Taylor Freezer. All are welcome. Questions, call (815) 277-1144.

Jane Carrell
Coordinator, Northern IL Tea Party

From the Dec. 14-20, 2011, issue

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