Rebuttal to: Why I occupy, by Christy Gutowski (from Nov. 16-22, 2011 issue)

If you had a job and didn’t expect the taxpayers to support you, you wouldn’t have the time or need to occupy.

Teachers belong to one of the, if not the, most corrupt unions in the United States. The unions demand and get outrageous raises, perks that the normal taxpayers (that still have a job) don’t get. Who do you think pays for those raises and perks so the union bosses can funnel their dues into payback to the crooked political (demon-cats)? Why can’t the union bosses use the teacher union dues to help the teachers feed, clothe and nurture children? I suppose you don’t own property; if you did, you would be seeing the value going down and taxes going up, and you would be paying those teacher unions.

I agree police and firefighters have a tough job; I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do it.

They both belong to a union that demands and gets raises and perks normal taxpayers (that still have jobs) don’t get. Who do you think pays for these raises and perks?

Financial institutions didn’t take advantage of people’s dreams. People decided they could have it all and bought homes they couldn’t afford and could never possibly pay for. This was pushed by crooked politicians (do Barney Frank, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter come to mind?).

You don’t have a clue about “bad debt”; study and learn what “bad debt” is.

I wonder who this lone citizen is (Obama, maybe).

If you think President Bush abused power, how about Obama, [former House speaker Nancy] Pelosi, and [Sen. Harry] Reid? How about Obamacare? Wonder whom you voted for or if you voted in the last election?

Absence of civil debate and the spirit of compromise!!!

Union bosses — Let’s get those SOBs, and they can all go to H—.

Rational people don’t occupy private property, defecate, rape and try to shut down American institutions, American corporations. The very things that made this country great. You are not roaring, you are just proving what a bunch of rich people (financed by the socialists, fascists and communists) can do without any outrage from Obama, and the major (little three) news networks.

James C. Davis

From the Dec. 14-20, 2011, issue

2 thoughts on “Rebuttal to: Why I occupy, by Christy Gutowski (from Nov. 16-22, 2011 issue)

  • Dec 14, 2011 at 9:10 am

    You sound like a product of the “Rockford Public School System. You jump in with both feet commenting on things you don’t understand. You are one of the obama droids,why can’t you see what is happening in America? The things I stated are true. If you reread my article, it was the unions calling hard working Americans SOB & telling then to got to H–l. How many people Tea Party Members, deficated on police cars, raped women?

  • Dec 15, 2011 at 11:37 am


    I think you needed more hugs as a child, which you may still be from the uselessness of your ranting. Put on your big boy pants and do something constructive instead of just putting hateful speech out there. It would benefit the community much better.

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