On the campaign trail

Obama stated a few months ago that his highest priority was creating jobs. Then, he delayed a decision on the Canadian pipeline, holding up thousands of jobs, until “after the 2012 election.” Coincidence?? This kept unions off his back and delayed offending the environmentalists.

The Obama-staffed National Labor Relations Board is holding up the construction of a new Boeing plant in North Carolina, again thousands of jobs, because the unions do not want new factories in right-to-work states. These jobs will likely end up in China if an agreement is not reached.

This smooth politician held a news conference to announce that he was cutting $4 billion out of the government budget. The previous 10 months his administration increased the deficit by another trillion dollars. This was 250 times what he proposed cutting from his budget.

He accuses Congress of putting re-election ahead of our nation, and yet his every action is designed to assure his re-election. He cannot possibly run on his record, so he must continue his blame game.

Now, he says he needs another term to complete his work. The damage caused in one term is already more than we can stand.

Rolland O. Westra

From the Dec. 21-27, 2011, issue

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