Reply to James Davis of Byron (Dec.14-20, 2011 issue)

You are so fortunate. You have a good-paying non-union job. Your family, relatives, your friends and neighbors have good-paying non-union jobs. None of you is on food stamps. None of you is worried about losing your jobs or homes. So few people can say that. Not because they bought a house they couldn’t afford as you accuse, but because their jobs were sent overseas; because they were “down-sized,” something you aren’t worried about. As for the Occupy movement being a bunch of jobless people, most are employed. Just what do you know about the Occupy movement? Your studying the Federal Reserve could open your eyes, if that is possible. You are good at accusing, but I find that those who do the most accusing are ignorant about the facts. It isn’t one party or the other, it is both. They are bought and paid for by big corporations, the ones you are so grateful to. Open your eyes and learn. If possible.

Beverly Davies

From the Dec. 21-27, 2011, issue

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