Guest Column: TRUST and promises kept …

By Mona Marcinkowski
Fox Ridge Subdivision Resident

You “assume” as a citizen that the individuals you elect are, in fact, fulfilling their campaign promises once in office; advocate on your behalf, be available to you and your concerns, and put citizens’ concerns ahead of special interests.

We trusted this official’s judgment and relied upon their word, even though they remained silent during neighborhood protests against this proposed asphalt plant.

This proposed asphalt plant will be located adjacent to our neighborhood, plainly in sight of all our back and front yards and was approved by the county board Oct. 27.

One would “assume” that having an “elected official” actually living in the neighborhood would be advantageous. However, this is not the case.

It soon became apparent that this “elected official,” from the beginning of the fight, had no intention of remaining in the neighborhood. This “elected official” wasted no time in moving out of the neighborhood Dec. 17, a silent reversal of the reassurances to this “elected official’s” neighbors … a betrayal of the trust “assumed” by residents.

But then, this “elected official” also voted “For” the asphalt plant that is to be located at Mulford and Harrison before this area was part of their responsibility as a city official.

Now that this “elected official” has moved up the “political ladder,” this exact area has become part of this “elected official’s” responsibility. So now we are witnessing a betrayal of two neighborhoods, neither of which includes the “elected official’s” new residence.

We are writing this in the “third person” because, evidently, the article that was written by Jeff Sammon last week (a publicly available and factual account) upset the balance of this “elected official” to the extent that there were phone calls made threatening to sue us if we printed another thing with regard to this matter. I believe that the First Amendment and “freedom of speech” are there to protect all of us. When the truth is printed and you deny everything to cover your actions, and you must resort to using our legal system as a threat, I believe that such threats are unnecessary and only provide additional motivation to proponents of the truth.

This is election time and, of course, no “elected official” wants anything to be revealed that might make that individual appear to be less “perfect” and less “electable.” The truth hurts, and we will continue to print any additional information we can verify.

When you go to the polls, please take a long, hard look at your “elected official” and honestly ask, “What have you done for me? Have you listened to my concerns?” It would be so refreshing to actually have an “elected official” who is in it for their constituents, not for what they can get out of it.

As an “elected official,” you have chosen to be a “public servant.” This is your choice. One can hope that in the next election, our area will elect an “elected official” who is in it for their constituents, not for what they will get out of it.

Remember to vote at the primary March 20.

From the Jan. 18-24, 2012, issue

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