Obama expected to stand up to big oil on Keystone XL pipeline

By Environment Illinois

CHICAGO — According to media reports, President Barack Obama and the State Department will reject an effort to force administration approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Bruce Ratain, Clean Energy associate with Environment Illinois, issued the following statement in response:

Today, President Obama will stand up to big oil’s latest attack on our health and environment by rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline. While Congressional Republicans work tirelessly for big oil, President Obama is taking concrete steps to reduce our dependence on oil and to build a cleaner, healthier future for American families.

The pipeline would have been a disaster for our climate, the quality of the air we breathe, and critical water resources across our country. It would have deepened our dependence on dirty oil from Canada’s tar sands, producing catastrophic levels of global warming pollution.

Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of Americans have organized and demonstrated in opposition to big oil and their destructive environmental practices. Today’s decision shows that President Obama is on the side of Americans concerned about protecting our health and environment from oil companies. This administration has helped stop the rush for dirty fuels, and it has enacted clean cars standards that will get us off oil, reduce air pollution and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

America’s dependence on oil threatens not only our environment, but also our economy, national security and health. It’s time to get off oil, and we thank the president for this step in the right direction.”

One thought on “Obama expected to stand up to big oil on Keystone XL pipeline

  • Jan 19, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Mr. Bruce Ratain:
    What rock ave yo lived under the last 100 years? Dirty oil, Dirty coal:: What do you and all the oter tree huggers think Made The United Sates of Anerica the Greatest Nation Ever on this planet. If you and your liberal (communist) don’t enjoy the nited States way of life leave and go somewhere there is less dependency on oil & coal, like Cuba maybe, they say the leader there is loved by all his people. Maybe if obama keeps on the people of The United States will love him also and the 3 pounds of rice that he allows you to buy, because 3 pounds of rice is about all the monthly pay you will receive working for the leader. How can anyone be so Stupid????

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