Wrong decision on Western Pipeline

When Alberta’s governor stated he was “horribly disappointed” by President Obama’s pipeline veto, he was putting it mildly.

He’d probably rather fight his way out of a sackful of wolverines than go up against the Canadian environmentalists who will be right in his face when implementing Western Pipeline Plan B.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese and Canadians can cleverly engineer a pipeline over, under or through the Rockies somehow.

Getting oil to flow over the mountains and onto Chinese tankers will only depend on the rate that Chinese yuan can be pumped into Canadian dollars.

The workers can admire some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, and enjoy wonderful ski resorts during their time off.

It could become one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, comparable to the Panama Canal or Hoover Dam — or one of the world’s greatest environmental disasters. Canadian citizens will decide.

Our bloviating politicians now decrying the “loss” of 20,000 to 100,000 uncreated jobs still have plenty of other opportunities to help our unemployed CITIZENS.

Why not start a bipartisan mandate to crack down on employers of illegal aliens, and require all federal and state agencies to use E-Verify?

Enforcing existing laws would have zero environmental impact, and zero cost to taxpayers.

Sylvia Pagel
Winnebago, Ill.

From the Feb. 1-7, 2012, issue

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