Guest Column: Local politicians vote against capping property taxes

By Mona Marcinkowski and Kathy Johnson

We don’t always agree with Rockford Register Star columnist Ted Biondo, but this time, we are behind him.

We have elected officials — state Reps. Jim Sacia (R-89), Joe Sosnowski (R-69), Dave Winters (R-68) and Chuck Jefferson (D-67) — who are totally out of touch with their constituents.

You may know their constituents as members of the middle class who go to work every day, taking care of our families and communities, and collecting only one paycheck. We are apparently only important to “elected officials” when it is time for them to collect our votes.

Is it the second paycheck from the state they collect every month, a sense of entitlement from their title or the “important” people they can now call friends that has made them disregard the citizens who provided them this opportunity?

In determination of their vote for House Bill 3793, which would have put a cap on our property taxes, they voted “No.”

These elected officials voted against a cap every citizen in the state desperately needs. As Biondo said in the Register Star Saturday, Feb. 11: “Sacia, Sosnowski and Winters and Jefferson stuck it to taxpayers, and until we can get the law changed by voting for the original bill in November, we are stuck with that new, higher tax base thanks to them. Now, we have a second chance to call our respective legislators and ask that they vote for this amendment and amend it if necessary to include Winnebago County.”

We will be living in the 11th-highest taxed county — Winnebago — and the No. 1-taxed city — Rockford — in the United States — an intolerable situation.

Sacia told me at the Lincoln Day Dinner, with a straight face, that they had to vote against the amendment to tax caps and lower our taxes because it would have been too devastating of a cut for the taxing bodies in their districts. He called the taxing bodies his constituents.

Sosnowski was told the same thing by his constituents the city, the school districts, etc.

We need to revolt against this type of thinking, or we will be paying everything we have to the powers that be.

The amount we are dealing with regarding the tax caps is about 2 or 3 percent of the increase, not the base — a small amout that could be cut from their budgets.

I can’t believe these politicians would worry more about the taxing bodies in their district than their constituent taxpayers!

These elected officials have shown who they believe their constituents are. It is time we remind them of the truth around their title — it can be voted away. If they don’t produce for their constituents, then they are replaced.

We have one last question for our “elected officials”: now, H.B. 4608 is going to be introduced, what will your vote be?

From the Feb. 15-21, 2012, issue

One thought on “Guest Column: Local politicians vote against capping property taxes

  • Feb 17, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    I noticeed you left out Chuck Jefferson. Why?

    I’d love to know what Chuck “I never met a tax I didn’t like” Jefferson has to say.

    But then again, what kind of answer would you get from an empty suit?

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