Support for RPS 205 Gifted Program

The Rockford Public School District is taking steps in the right direction as they discuss the possibility of expanding the Gifted Program. The nature of our economy is changing, and we as a community must also change if we hope to continue to compete in the future. There is an increasing need locally for college-educated workers, particularly in fields such as engineering. It is critical that we continue to evolve our school system to anticipate and support the needs of businesses already in our community, as well as those that we might yet entice to come to Rockford.

Over the past few years, the Gifted Program has consistently had more students qualify for the program than there were spots available. It is time for us to expand the program and ensure that every student who qualifies is able to take part in this outstanding program that continues to produce student achievement that is recognized as among the top in the state.

The administrators at RPS 205, in the preliminary planning for a Gifted Program expansion, have outlined a controlled growth model utilizing existing and available district resources. The suggested use of the former Kennedy Middle School on Rockton Avenue to house grades 6-8 of the Gifted Program for next year must happen to allow more qualified first through eighth graders into the Gifted Program.

Please join me in letting our school board and district administrators know that we support the ongoing plans to expand these critical programs. Continue to support our children and the improved access to these programs that would be provided under the expansion plans.

Jim Waddell
Caledonia, Ill.

From the Feb. 15-21, 2012, issue

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