Support for Becky Genoways

On behalf of On the Waterfront’s extended family, I would like to acknowledge and support Becky Genoways’ efforts and leadership in the field of raising monies for not-for-profit entities in Rockford and the surrounding communities.

Becky and her team, both staff and volunteers, demonstrate superior expertise in the field of producing a fund-raiser by continually demonstrating professionalism and determination. They are creative, upbeat, compassionate, and open-minded individuals who, by the very nature of their business, must constantly adapt and overcome whatever challenges are thrown their way. Peers and other community leaders are impressed by Becky’s ability to exceed expectations through utilizing a team approach. The On the Waterfront team has a “can do attitude,” everyone frequently jumps in and does what he/she needs to do to get the job done.

Becky’s leadership skills are most aptly demonstrated by her success in bringing together a diverse group of individuals and instilling in each of them the need to provide the best experience for every patron at On the Waterfront. She is an excellent leader who consistently demonstrates by ensuring that all not-for-profit entities have the potential to raise funds to acquire what they need.

I cannot express enough the disappointment I felt at reading about the RAVE wanting to charge On the Waterfront for the use of Davis Park, and having RAVE in charge of the concessions. You have, in effect, just killed all hope for more than 100 nonprofits of their dreams. On the Waterfront is the largest tourist attraction the Rockford area has, but that is because of the need to raise funds for nonprofits. This Labor Day festival is about helping those in need, not making money. Becky and her staff and the thousands of volunteers have never, will never, and could never make this festival about making a buck. Yes, money must be made to continue having the festival, but a profit? No. On the Waterfront is a nonprofit, and how dare RAVE attempt to extort fees and control? It makes me ashamed of Rockford.

On the Waterfront, Becky, Nina and all the volunteers should be commended for their never-ending devotion to their work and their community. I sincerely encourage RAVE to reverse their position and help this community, not further injure it.

Angela K. Link

From the Feb. 22-28, 2012, issue

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