Dr. Julia’s Inn: A tribute to Hannah

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

If you have ever been to my office, you know Hannah, my golden retriever.

My office is not the conventional doctor’s office. I never wanted it to be conventional. I wanted an office where you could come in, have a cup of tea and do many naturopathic health services, and I have achieved just that.

Many of my patients have auto-immune diseases, and they have been given a death sentence from their doctors, or the medical treatments that they are doing they just found out are not working. They come to my office to be educated about colon detoxes, I.M. therapy, I.V. therapy, organ cleanses and just what foods will give them energy and what foods they are allergic to.

A new patient will walk into my office, and there is Hannah greeting them at the back door with her mouth grinning, her butt and tail wagging, and Kay, Kim or Lois will introduce them to Hannah and tell the patient to follow her. Hannah takes them to the waiting room and waits with them until I come in to meet with them.

There is now a huge void in my office. Hannah passed away Saturday, March 3, at 10:02 a.m. I was honored to be able to have adopted her six years ago. She has been a blessing in my life, but she has been a blessing to all of my patients.

It would be nothing for Hannah to be hanging around in the back with Kay, Kim or Lois, and a patient walks in to ask me a question or to pick up their supplements, and all of a sudden they would stop talking to me and ask me where Hannah was. I would call her name, and she would come from the office with one of her toys in her mouth (that’s the retriever in her), wagging her butt and greeting the patient. The joy Hannah gave to all of us will be terribly missed.

Many, many years ago, Hannah and I were at Anna Page Park sitting on a blanket, and I was writing notes to myself on what I was going to do that day, and I wrote down the word DOG in big letters to remind me to pick up some treats for Hannah, and I said to her, “Yes, Hannah, you are truly a gift from GOD, for just look; DOG spelled backwards is GOD, and you are a gift from GOD.”

I love you so much, Hannah, and I will miss you, and I thank you for the six precious years I had you.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor who is celebrating two milestones this year. She is celebrating 12 years cancer free from breast cancer by not doing the chemical therapy and radiation, and is celebrating 30 years in practice. You may reach her in her Rockford office at (815) 962-3326.

From the March 7-13, 2012, issue

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