Obama’s broken promises

Before people vote for president in November, they should recall President Obama yucking it up with his cohorts about there weren’t as many shovel-ready jobs as they thought in the stimulus bill. Wasn’t that what he promised before this bill was passed — more shovel-ready jobs? What a joke on the American people! It’s easy not to laugh.

Obama also promised five days for Congress to consider bills, and on one or both of his more than 2,000-page bills were given only overnight to be voted on by Congress. Another of his many broken promises! As it has turned out, there was much to be glossed over in both the stimulus bill (a slush fund for Obama?) and Obamacare. Especially for seniors in the latter, since $500 billion is to be deducted from health care providers when at the current rates, some providers are not taking new Medicare patients.

Michael A. Smith

From the March 14-20, 2012, issue

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