Tell the truth about Rockford

Rockford has become a terrible, ugly, violent place to live. Money magazine reports on it, and Yahoo has ranked Rockford, rightfully so, as one of the most violent cities in the United States. Instead of doing something about it, Morrissey spends his time complaining about it.

The current administration and its propaganda-spewing daily newspaper known as the Register Star should admit the truth to the people of the city, and really, truly try to make something positive of the mess that Rockford has become.

Historic and blatant racism in the employment and educational sector, urban blight, open-air drug markets, criminal gun violence, police gun violence, biased media coverage, apathetic political administration, apathetic desensitized populace, unemployment, fear, terrible streets, and a growing distrust of each other are the biggest problems Rockford faces.

I grew up in Rockford, won a state title in football for my city, worked for a military contractor for four years before I even graduated high school. I joined the military to protect Rockford. But I was never shot at in the Army. That didn’t happen until someone shot up my house from right outside my window, trying to kill me almost a year ago in Rockford.

Despite bullets missing me by inches and over 14 shots fired, many through the bricks of my home, it didn’t even make the paper. The police have never contacted me once.

I don’t live in Rockford any longer. I never will again. I am just sad kids there now don’t get to experience the caring, loving, sports-minded town I grew up in where you could see acts of all color at the MetroCentre. Those days are long gone.

Lee Bracy
Formerly of Rockford

From the March 21-27, 2012, issue

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