Read his actions, not his lips

This year we will witness a very negative presidential campaign. Barack Obama’s dismal record requires that he rely on distortions and outright lies to convince voters that he has accomplished something. Most of his first term was spent campaigning for a second term. He has deferred major decisions until after the election.

Obama assumes no responsibility. He spent two years blaming President George W. Bush for every problem. He pushed through an ill-conceived health care plan behind closed doors with zero Republican input. Now, he complains that Congress is not bi-partisan. He blames the high gas prices on the Middle East turmoil, which he has done nothing to resolve, and has chosen election politics over the national interest by rejecting the Keystone pipeline.

He told us his health care bill would cost $860 billion. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it will cost $1.76 trillion. This bill was structured to hide most of the expense until after the election.

He will craft a very persuasive argument to convince us he has accomplished something worthwhile. Only a well-informed electorate can prevent the unbelievable devastation he will cause when he isn’t plagued with the need to run for a second term.

Rolland Westra

From the March 28-April 3, 2012, issue

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