Socialism doesn’t work; individual freedoms are stolen

We are slowly being socialized. I saw a cartoon from the Chicago Tribune of a Russian Communist, Leon Trotsky. The cartoon was labeled “Plan of Action for U.S. Spend! Spend! Spend! Under the guise of recovery — Bust the Government — Blame the Capitalists for the failure — Junk the Constitution and declare a Dictatorship.” Wow! Did I mention that this was published April 21, 1934?

President Barack Obama is blaming the rich oil companies for huge profits. The taxes on a gallon of gas are 18.4 cents federal with an average of 48.8 cents total. This is much higher than the oil companies’ profits. Now, he is saying that we have to stop the big oil subsidies. What?! Now, he is calling an investment in equipment that can be deducted as an expense a “subsidy”! Oil pays 41 percent tax compared to 26 percent like Apple and other business taxes. (Heritage Foundation)

Other things to watch: The teachers’ strike in Rockford. The top 800 teacher employees in Rockford make an average annual gross salary of more than $82,000 for only 180 days of work. The average annual income in Illinois is $50,800.

Watch the Stephenson County Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) NIDA (Northwest Illinois Development Alliance), NHS (Neighborhood Housing Service), and Prospering Together. Follow the money; see how few of the employees get the bulk of the bounty. Then, watch who gets the rent, the printing, and other amenities. Notice who their supporters are. Granted, there are many Prospering Together volunteers who get no trickle down. Good for them! Prospering Together said they would not ask for any tax dollars. I have a document that proves otherwise. (Call me.)

What is happening is what worried our founders: Destruction of our U.S. republic — with socialism taking control and stealing our individual freedoms. “We have given you a Republic … if you can keep it!” challenged Benjamin Franklin.

Well, now there are so many government employees that they are on the verge of controlling the vote. When that happens, we will become like Greece with violent public employees marching in the streets because the taxpayers have no more to give.

Stephenson County Tea Party will meet April 12, 6:30 p.m. at Dietz’s Old School Apartments in Lena. E-mail or phone Bill Dietz at (815) 369-4334.

Bill Dietz
Lena, Ill.

From the April 11-17, 2012, issue

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