Bowling: Bowling season comes to a close with mixed emotions

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Last night (Tuesday, April 17) was the final night to another bowling season. After 33 consecutive Tuesdays, we are finally finished. Each year, the season comes to a close with mixed emotions. Most of us would readily admit that we are glad to be done. The majority of the guys feel the season lasts about three weeks longer than it should. Especially this year.

The mild winter, combined with the unseasonably warm temperatures that our area experienced in March, caused most everyone at the lanes to switch their focus from bowling to golf, softball or some other outdoor activity earlier than we usually do. Thoughts of pars, birdies, ballparks and motorcycling easily took the place of strikes and spares. It wasn’t difficult to see why when the temperatures outdoors were reaching into the 70-plus-degree range while we were busy putting on our bowling shoes.

Recent apathy aside, I’d say I still had a relatively decent season. Even though I didn’t reach my goal of ending the year with a 200 average, I was still satisfied with my 194. That is down five pins from the 199 average I finished with last year. I can explain the decrease — I attribute it directly to a pretty severe foot and ankle injury.

Instead of taking the three or four weeks off to allow my foot and ankle to properly heal, I decided to bowl through the pain. It was evident by my scores during those weeks that my average was going to suffer. Even though I knew my average was going to go down, I preferred the option of bowling with the pain and discomfort rather than sitting it out. Even though I wasn’t hitting the big scores, I still got to hang out with my teammates and the other guys at the lanes. That allowed me to participate in the laughs and camaraderie. Isn’t that really what recreational league bowling is truly about? I think I made the right decision.

There’s always next season to get that 200 average.

From the April 18-24, 2012, issue

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