Dr. Julia’s Inn: Physiology and Bowel 101

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

I first became interested in Naturopathic Medicine when my mother was given so much radiation to the breast area that they burned her lung, and she ended up dying of lung cancer, not of breast cancer. My mother never smoked cigarettes a day in her life. I will never forget her medical doctor calling me and telling me that they gave her so much radiation to her breast area that they burned her lung, but she was dying of cancer, anyway.

Can you imagine getting a phone call like that? I can, for it happened 25 years ago. There is so much cancer in my family that because of my history and because of the medical mistakes when my mother died, that was how I got into Naturopathic Medicine. The year I graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor was the year I found out I had breast cancer. I truly took it as God saying, “Julia, I gave you the tools, now do something.”

Because of my cancer story, I truly believe each person has the ability to restore their health as well as achieve optimal wellness, but this optimal wellness comes from colon cleanses and detoxes. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I strive to educate my patients, but I can only give you the tools; you have to implement them.

Hundreds of patients walk into my clinic with stomach issues. When I get them on my examining table and start to feel their abdomen area, it is not their stomach that hurts, it is their large intestine. Zoning in on their large intestine, it is their ileocaecal valve or their valve of houston. These two valves are the main health of the large intestine. The digestive and elimination tract is one long tube from your mouth to your anus. This is just shy of 30 feet. There is only one way in and one way out, which is the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus.

Colon disease and colon cancer is an auto-immune disease and is caused by many things, but the main thing to me is what we put in our mouths. If you eat live foods, you will be vibrant and alive. If you eat dead foods, you will be dead. Here are some interesting facts.

The average American eats in a lifetime:

12 — 3,000 pounds of cows

6 whole pigs

3,000 chickens, turkeys and birds that fly

3,000 fish and scavenger meat

30,000 quarts of cow’s milk

Prescription drugs:

30,000 aspirin and pain killers

20,000 over-the-counter and prescription drugs

2,000 gallons of alcohol

Dead, processed foods:

500 doughnuts

400 candy bars

300 soft drinks

170 pounds of white refined sugar

Just imagine all of that dead, decaying flesh, junk food and drugs going into your mouth and it passing through your digestive tract and then into your bloodstream. I see this every day when I look at patients’ live blood cells. You can actually see dead, processed food in your blood. This is how i am able to educate people about their health.

If I can ever help you with bringing your health to a higher level, please call my office to make an appointment. Your health is in your hands, but it is up to you to make that commitment.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor who is celebrating two milestones this year. She is celebrating 12 years cancer free without doing chemical therapy and radiation and has been in private practice for 30 years. You may reach her at her Rockford office at (815) 962-3326.

From the April 25-May 1, 2012, issue

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