Guest Column: Reasons to oppose expansion of Winnebago Landfill

By James and Donna Wernberg

As residents of southeast Winnebago County, we wish to be on record opposing the expansion of the landfill for the following reasons that must be considered.

The smell from the current landfill is unbearable. We can smell it in our home with the windows closed. We live 2 miles from the landfill. We have smelled it on Perryville Road as far away as CherryVale. It totally affects our way of life.

This would be a horrible entrance into Winnebago County on Highway 39 from the south. If this is such a wonderful entrance to Winnebago County, why are there not signs directing people to the airport from 39 and Baxter Road? Does the airport not want people from out of town traveling Baxter Road? Wouldn’t it be an easy way to get to the airport?

We are tired of only hearing about the money it would generate. Shame on special-interest groups for thinking only of the money they would get. We are talking about air pollution and ground pollution for residents of Winnebago County. We have had enough of William Charles/Rockford Blacktop promises and expansion.

In the County Board Chairman’s State of the County announcement for his State of County luncheon, Scott Christiansen states, “[He] continually works to improve the quality of life for ALL citizens.” This will be totally not true if he and the board approve the expansion.

There are many students who attend the outdoor education program in Atwood Park. We have been in Atwood hundreds of times, and the smell is awful and must be detrimental to the children.

We have the beautiful Kishwaukee River that must not be polluted. I am sure the hikers around the area and canoeists must be affected by the smell. It deters from the beauty.

Shame on each county board member who votes for the expansion only because of the money it brings to them. It will affect you and every member of Winnebago County.

People coming to the airport will surely smell the landfill. In an article in the paper, it was stated that 65 percent of the people using the airport come from out of town. At least one-fourth of those people will be coming from the south.

Perhaps one reason Embry Riddle did not locate here is because of the smell.

Rockford is already on several lists of the worst city to live. Is this going to help?

Bringing in garbage from all over is ruining our county. Life means a lot more than money.

Is Kilbuck Creek polluted?

The property values in our area and all of Winnebago County will decrease. Who wants to move here?

Industry will never want to invest along the 39 corridor. Would you start a business there? THERE WILL BE NO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT HERE, MR. CHRISTIANSEN AND BOARD.

The hours of service will be expanded to 24 hours a day.

Do not vote until you take a trip down Baxter Road to see and smell what we are talking about. You will smell it long before you get to Baxter Road.

If this is approved by the board, there will be a 200-foot high, 400-acre tombstone for Winnebago County with all of the county board members’ names on it. Long after we are all gone, it will still be there for our children and grandchildren to see. Please vote NO on the expansion.

James and Donna Wernberg are residents of south east Winnebago County.

From the April 25-May 1, 2012, issue

One thought on “Guest Column: Reasons to oppose expansion of Winnebago Landfill

  • Apr 27, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    You are missing the point. Imagine this; at every road going into Winnebago County, there will be a billboard stating, WELCOME TO WINNEBAGO COUNTY…GARBAGE CAPITAL OF ILLINOIS. Then at the bottom, in italics, will be our slogan, “You make it! We take it!”

    Imagine all the positive press we will get!

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