Youth baseball team pitches in at local Dairy Queen

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

I was invited to attend a fund-raising event for a boys’ baseball team this past weekend. The team is called Full Throttle, and they are a mixture of young boys ages 9 and 10.

The event was held at Hartman’s Dairy Queen on Perryville Road, directly south of the CherryVale Mall, last Saturday (April 21) afternoon and early evening. The store agreed to donate a portion of their sales to help the team. I also noticed several customers leaving tips for the boys and putting money into their donation jar.

The boys and their manager were all neatly dressed in their bright orange uniform shirts, hats and matching white pants. The hats and shirts were emblazoned on the front with the Full Throttle logo. Their last names and numbers were proudly displayed on the backs of the shirts. They looked sharp.

A number of the boys were assigned to hold the front doors open and welcome the customers upon arrival. They were very friendly and polite. I saw a couple of boys carrying trays of food and drinks out to the awaiting customers at their tables. I did not see one french fry or a single drop of pop spilled.

Other team members were charged with cleaning off the tables and throwing away any trash that may have been left. As soon as someone got up to leave, those guys were right there with the spray bottle and towel making sure it was clean and ready for the next customer. There was also a crew of two manning a broom and dust pan making sure the floors were kept perfectly debris-free.

After watching the operation for about 30 minutes, I must say I was thoroughly impressed with how smoothly things were operating. Everyone on the team seemed to be “pitching in” and doing his part to help. They even rotated duties among themselves so no one was stuck doing the same job the entire time.

I must say I have no idea how successful this type of fund-raising event is in comparison to the old-fashioned candy bar sales or car washes I remember doing when I was in little league. But one thing I do know, it looked way more fun.

Kudos to Dan Hartman and his entire crew at Dairy Queen and to the Full Throttle baseball team. I hope you raised a lot of money and have a great season. One thing is certain, you knocked it out of the park last Saturday!

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From the April 25-May 1, 2012, issue

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