Re: Landfill expansion

May 2, 2012

Landfills are like a Model T Ford. We need new technology to dispose of waste, and Waste Management has it.

Just watch History channel, Trash, Inc.

Waste Management deposits all waste inside a building — they separate papers — metal — glass — balance is burned — filtered — energy recovered, many people are employed.

Our community — city — county could provide a bond to help build the plant.

As William Booth worked among the poor, more and more problems became apparent. Once, when he and his son Bramwell were on their way to a preaching engagement, their carriage crossed over London Bridge. Booth suddenly turned to his son and asked: “Did you know that hundreds of men are sleeping nights under the bridge?”

“Yes, I know it,” Bramwell answered.

“Then do something about it!” Booth snapped.

We need some real leadership on this issue, some positive action — or I tink I ga bak to Sweden.

Ed Carlson

From the May 2-8, 2012, issue

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