Sosnowski’s actions don’t match his words

May 1, State Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R-69), Rockford/Belvidere, will select and provide 16 students with one free semester of college education at an Illinois state university. The cost will be $200,000 or more. The legislature has not provided funds for this giveaway. The universities pass this expense along to paying students and their parents in the form of increased tuition. This is a hidden state tax. The students may add this additional cost to their student loans. At current student loan rates, this added amount will double every 10 years. Rep. Sosnowski’s stated goals include the following: “Conservative Pro-family Approach to Government and Business: Limited government … should protect the family’s income and reduce the need for taxation.” See the goals at http//

Rep. Sosnowski’s goals stated approach is contrary to his actions, which are to hide the “tax” and do nothing to protect a family’s income.

You may reach Rep. Sosnowski by phone, (815) 547-3436, or by e-mail at

Jon F. Hart

From the May 2-8, 2012, issue

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