Fines and tipping fees

It seems obvious to all that the county board chairman is in favor of the landfill expansion near Baxter Road because of the enticements of additional revenue from “tipping fees.” The chairman appears concerned about stuffing “county coffers” more than public health and loss of economic development in the I-39 corridor. How can the county be that desperate for money, after all the property taxes and sales taxes they have levied and raised over the years? Is someone in local county government embezzling $50 million like just happened in Dixon? I hope not, but this is an age when taxpayers more than ever need accountability from elected officials. I have a suggestion that might help us all. I would encourage the county board members to vote against the landfill expansion, for it will only serve to increase the flying trash, toxic smells, and future water pollution to our community. Instead, the county board should pass legislation to “FINE” Winnebago Landfill” for littering Highway I-39 and any county roads that are affected. I see signs all the time saying “$500 Fine for Littering.” So why don’t we start charging the owners of “Winnebago Landfill” for all the trash that continues to litter our roads and community? I’ve heard county officials say over and over, “Do it for one, do it for all!” How about applying that philosophy to the garbage dump that plans to take over our community? The county would take in “tons” of money at $500 per piece of trash, the neighborhoods would be cleaner, and the landfill expansion tipping fees would be unenticing! It sounds to me like a WIN-WIN situation, except for those individuals blinded by greed.

Mike Castronovo

From the May 9-15, 2012, issue

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