1 percent sales tax kickback unfair

Our city council recently voted to give a new bar/restaurant a 1 percent sales tax kickback for five years. Does anyone else feel this is unfair to taxpayers as well as other bar/restaurant owners?

I am pro business and new business, but I am also pro fairness. The 1 percent sales tax hike referendum that was approved by voters states the funds would be used to fix our roads and infrastructure. “Paving the way to our future” was the slogan used. The referendum did not say the funds could be used for kickbacks/rebates to bars, restaurants or special interests. I do not believe the referendum would have passed if it did.

I wonder if other bar and restaurant owners feel this is unfair to them? I also wonder how the new bar owners feel about taking an unfair advantage over other local bars and restaurants (their peers), especially in the downtown area. I question the legality and fairness of this city council action.

I hope either the city council reverses this or the new bar owners would use good sportsmanship and fairness as their guide and refuse taking our sales tax dollars meant for repairing our roads, sidewalks and infrastructure.

Brian Jenkins Leggero
Candidate for 1st Ward Alderman, City of Rockford

From the May 16-22, 2012, issue

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