Guest Column: Make connections through print advertising

By Paul Gorski

I learn so much from local residents, and I recently had an education regarding the Barbara Olson Center of Hope and the good works done there.

Mary Gwardys, executive assistant with Barbara Olson Center of Hope, was one of the winners of my print advertising promotion in the April 4-10 issue of The Rock River Times. Mary and her husband joined me this past Friday, May 11, for the promotion “prize,” a fish fry dinner at the Lithuanian Club.

I had planned on sharing more advertising tips with Mary over dinner, and I did, but I took away much more by getting a crash course on a valuable non-profit in the area, Barbara Olson Center of Hope, an organization with the mission to: “Help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities and community service.”

What intrigued me most about this organization is that not only does it provide programs for more than 180 teens and adults with developmental disabilities, but many of the programs benefit the community and local businesses.

Of its many participant and business programs, Barbara Olson Center of Hope offers document-shredding, computer hard drive destruction, a source for employment and volunteer services, and somewhat quaintly, “GourMutts” all-natural dog biscuits.

The services are great activities and experience for participants, and the community can benefit as well. So, while your contributions to the organization are most welcome, you might help out a bit more by taking advantage of one of the many community services.

Mary told me The Rock River Times is delivered to her office, and that’s how she learned of my promotion. From that, she responded, won, and I’m the beneficiary of learning about a great local organization. I’m now sharing my experience with you, and I hope at least some of you contact the Barbara Olson Center of Hope to contribute or simply learn more about this valuable organization. Print advertising does work.

To learn more about how you can help the Barbara Olson Center of Hope (or how it may be able to help you), call (815) 964-9275 or visit Read more about GourMutts Dog Biscuits at

The Guest Column “Growing your business: Print ads that drive sales” originally appeared in the April 4-10, 2012, edition of The Rock River Times.

Paul Gorski is a Cherry Valley Township resident and a former Winnebago County board member.

From the May 16-22, 2012, issue

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