Pec Playhouse in search of African-American actors

May 16, 2012

Staff Report

PECATONICA, Ill. — Pec Playhouse Theatre in Pecatonica, Ill., is in search of several African-American male and female actors to complete its cast of To Kill A Mockingbird, set for June 15-July 1.

The following roles are available:

Tom Robinson, male, 25-40 years old — An African-American, Robinson faces up to the false charges against him with quiet dignity — there is an undercurrent in him of kindness, sensitivity and compassion.

Calpurnia, female, 35-60 years old — An African-American, Cal is the Finch family’s no-nonsense cook and housekeeper. She is black, proud and very capable.

Reverend Sykes, male, 40-70 years old — An African-American, he serves as the Reverend for the First Purchase African Church — an imposing gentleman with a strong stage presence.

Helen Robinson, female, 25-40 years old — An African-American, Tom’s wife, and mother of their three children, Helen Robinson is half numb from the shock of the false charges against her husband — someone who is living her worst nightmare.

Pec Playhouse Theatre is at 314 N. Main St., Pecatonica, Ill. For information, call (815) 239-1210 or call the director, Anita, at (815) 209-6275. Pec Playhouse is online at

From the May 16-22, 2012, issue

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