Are Cabello and Gambino leaders?

I would say it’s hard to believe, but really it’s not. Within two months after the March primary election, with a landslide for incumbents, including Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen, John Cabello, Frank Gambino, Kyle Logan and others, Winnebago County is experiencing a dose of reality totally ignored and denied during the campaigns.

We were told our taxes weren’t going up! Now, most of us are seeing an 8 to 12 percent property tax increase this year. My taxes alone went up around $500.

Then, suddenly, the landfill wants to be expanded by more than 200 acres and, in the process, the chairman, who during his campaign claimed he was there for the “little guy,” now has banned citizens from speaking to the county board reps directly about the landfill.

And, to add insult to injury, just last week it was reported that the county is voting on giving pay raises to the chairman and four county officials. The raises would be upward of $8,400 total. This is outrageous!

The two county board members (Cabello and Gambino) who want support to move on to Springfield need to spearhead the lead to stop this abuse of power and exercise fiscal restraint. After all, if they can’t show leadership in stopping government waste here in Winnebago County, how will they ever accomplish anything in Springfield?

I certainly don’t expect Chairman Christiansen to stand up against the pay raises any more than he will stand up against the landfill expansion, but let’s see if John Cabello and Frank Gambino have the guts to do what’s right.

Mike Castronovo

From the May 23-29, 2012, issue

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