Obituary: In the arms of his beloved ‘Billie’

By Mona Marcinkowski, Kathy Johnson, Nichole Larison Sammon
Fox Ridge Subdivison Residents

We have lost another “good guy.” Tom Mills was a remarkable man; he passed away May 16. A pillar in the community, a suave businessman, outstanding father, grandfather and someone who we know rests in the arms of his beloved wife, “Billie.” She passed away only six months ago. Maybe there is such a thing as dying of a broken heart; we may never know. But if ever there was a love story, Tom and Billie Mills were definitely the two individuals who in our minds portrayed love at its finest. Our heart goes out to their sons and family.

On Wednesday, Tom departed this earth. He worked hard for everything that he had amassed in his short lifetime. But if there is any consolation, he died in the yard of the “Estate” that had been his and Billie’s “sanctuary” for so many years.

I will remember Tom and Billie as a ‘Couple of Courage,’” said The Rock River Times Editor & Publisher Frank Schier. “Both of them stood up and heartfully gave their testimony as to why the East State Street asphalt plant should not be built to ruin their and their neighbors’ adjoining property values and lives. But the Zoning Board of Appeals rolled over them as they roll over citizens who are not in the ‘William Charles’ league’ of influence in our failed democracy. Tom and Billie were real people, not phonies, not fakes whose hearts should not be around to be broken again if they were to see what happens to their ‘sanctuary.’ Both of them were real, delightful ‘characters.’ Oh, how we need more such ‘characters’ with such amazing character as individuals. I am honored to have known them. Please remember them for inspiration when you think of ‘Citizens!’ I will.”

From the May 23-29, 2012, issue

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