Comparison of two governors

Let’s compare, shall we, the governors of Illinois and Wisconsin, one a failure, the other a success story. In Illinois, Gov. Pat Quinn has raised taxes on every single person and business in the state, while Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin hasn’t raised taxes on anyone; in fact, many Wisconsin residents have seen their property taxes decrease. Where Gov. Quinn has laid off state workers and closed state facilities, Gov. Walker has not.

In January 2011, Illinois had massive budgetary problems including $8 billion in unpaid bills and $80 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, while Wisconsin had itself a $3 billion budget deficit. A year-and-a-half later, under Gov. Quinn, Illinois’ problems have only grown worse, like now having $9 billion in unpaid bills, while Wisconsin has seen its deficit turn into a projected $154.5 million surplus thanks to Gov. Walker’s leadership.

One can only imagine in how much better shape Illinois would be in if someone like Scott Walker was our governor, instead of the abject failure of a chief executive that is Pat Quinn.

Ulysses S. Arn
Ashton, Ill.

From the May 30-June 5, 2012, issue

One thought on “Comparison of two governors

  • Jun 1, 2012 at 11:41 am

    Mr. Arn didn’t mention that in addition to our failure of a Governor, our state is also at the brink of bankruptcy thanks to the Democratic Legislature.

    Susan clearly dosen’t understand that the “Recall” hasn’t taken place yet. Governor Walker is currently leading his tax-and-spend Democratic opponent in the polls. The election, Susan, is next week.

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