Composting Science and Strategies at U of I

Staff Report

PECATONICA, Ill. — University of Illinois Extension invites horse owners, livestock producers, market gardeners and landscapers to attend Composting Science and Strategies from 3 to 6 p.m., Thursday, May 31, at U.S. Bank, 430 Main St., Pecatonica.

This workshop is geared toward small to mid-scale livestock operations that are looking for a way to turn organic waste into a valuable product, as well as toward market gardeners, crop producers and landscapers looking for a consistent and reliable source of high-quality compost.

Jay Solomon, Energy and Environmental Stewardship educator, and Ellen Phillips, Local Foods and Small Farms educator, offer participants an in-depth introduction to best management practices regarding the science behind organic waste composting, composting techniques and strategies, Illinois rules and regulations regarding manure storage and composting, and much more.

“Composting provides horse and livestock operations an excellent option for manure management and returns important nutrients to the soil for reuse by plants. In addition, large vegetable growers and landscapers that install composting systems have greater control over compost quality, availability and cost,” said Solomon. “Creating good compost takes more than just putting organic material into piles. It requires some knowledge and management. Composting is part nature, part science and part art. We can help you with the first two; the art is learned through experience.”

Program fee is your choice of $15 for the workshop only, or $35 for the workshop plus a copy of the On-Farm Composting Handbook (a $25 value). More information can be found at or by calling U of I Extension at (815) 986-4357.

From the May 30-June 5, 2012, issue

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