Protesters to confront Bilderberg Group meeting in Virginia

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CHANTILLY, Va. — A secret meeting of approximately 100-150 elite politicians, financiers and industrialists known as the Bilderberg Group is taking place in Chantilly, Va., May 31-June 3 at the Marriot Washington Dulles Hotel.

The group has met at luxury resorts around the world annually since 1954, taking its name after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, where they first met to “hatch their plan for world domination,” according to their detractors.

Popular conspiracy author and activist Mark Dice will be leading a protest in front of the hotel for four straight days, along with hundreds of others who will be joining him to raise awareness of this little-known meeting. Dice is calling the protest “Bilderbergfest.”

For decades, the American mainstream media have largely ignored the conference, but in recent years, the blackout is lifting, largely because of pressure from Dice and his supporters “flooding newsrooms with tips” about the organization, urging news outlets to cover it.

The Bilderberg Group, once written off as the figment of the imagination of conspiracy theorists, is a real meeting, although little media attention has been given to the organization. Bilderbergers claim their meeting is nothing more than a private discussion group, while others see them as secretly dividing up the world and coordinating global policy, something that should be done by Congress out in the open for public scrutiny.

Each year when the G20 and G8 forums take place, it’s top news around the world,” Dice said. “But every single year, the Bilderberg Group meets, and there is barely a mention. Obviously, there is an agreement between the Bilderberg Group and the mainstream media in America to maintain a near-complete blackout.”

Last year, the Drudge Report posted several links to European newspapers covering the event when it took place in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, but coverage on the mainstream television networks, newspapers and newsmagazines in the United States has been astonishingly nonexistent.

When you look at the independent journalists and bloggers who have photographed and videotaped the attendees at the Bilderberg Group, it’s quite shocking that the major news networks have never even touched the issue,” Dice said.

How could this not be news?” Dice continued. “How is it that, year after year, 120 of the world’s most powerful men meet in secret for three days, and yet there isn’t a word of it mentioned in the American media?”

Dice recently obtained some of the group’s tax records, which include lists of donors who help fund the meetings and pay for the hotel and security. They operate under the business entity “American Friends of Bilderberg” as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation.

Documents show that in 2008, they received $645,000 in contributions, with money coming from Goldman Sachs, The Washington Post, Microsoft, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and others. Dice has published the records from 2007 to 2010 on his website,

Dice is a conservative libertarian and the author of several books about conspiracies and secret societies, including The Illuminati: Facts and Fiction, which analyzes the various conspiracy theories surrounding elite secret societies and private organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve and Bohemian Grove. He has been featured in various conspiracy television shows, documentary films and is a frequent guest on conspiracy talk radio shows.

From the May 30-June 5, 2012, issue

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  • Jun 2, 2012 at 7:52 am

    It does not matter one bit how much power 1 man or 120 men think they have. All of our futures do not lie in their hands or that so called catholicism group of people…sorry, i just don’t think you have a clue where your denomination began…maybe take a minute and figure it out. God has already allowed a book written with all of the answers. Pick up and read the Bible…give your life to Christ and watch it all unfold as it is happening each day. Just remember though…man does not have the ability to get you to Heaven, only you can do it through Jersus Christ.

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