4-H Camp slots still available — change your child’s life this summer!

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Do you want your child to make a transformation this summer into the young adult that you are anxiously awaiting them to be? You are in luck! There are a limited number of camper slots still available for 4-H Soul Camp 2012, which is set for June 11-15 at Camp White Eagle in Leaf River (near Forreston), Ill.

4-H Camp is open to everyone, 4-H membership is not required; however, all participants will be expected to comply with the same high behavior standards expected of 4-H’ers. 4-H Camp is a five-day, four-night residential camping experience that is conducted cooperatively by University of Illinois Extension staff in Stephenson, Ogle, and Lee counties and the Camp White Eagle staff.

The question shouldn’t be, “Why should I send my child to 4-H Camp this summer?” The real question is, “Why would I not sent my child to 4-H Camp this summer?” The answer is simple: “If you don’t, your child will never experience this life-changing event! 4-H Camp changes a child’s life forever! Not only does it provide children with the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoy nature, and make friends, but it also provides children the chance to make decisions, gain independence, master a skill, develop a higher self-esteem, gain a sense of belonging,” Kim Christman, 4-H Youth Development educator for Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Winnebago counties, stated. “4-H Camp develops shy, quiet children into energetic, smiling, confident youth adults! I’ve seen the transformation many, many times over my 19 years of coordinating 4-H Camp,” Christman said.

Give your child this amazing chance to change their life. It’s something they will talk about for the rest of their lives! Imagine your child: making lifelong friendships outside their own school walls; learning to canoe and feeling confident enough to teach you how to turn the canoe around or steer through a small, winding river; coming home and taking it upon themselves to do something nice for their siblings or you because they learned how to give and share with others at 4-H Camp; deciding to set goals for themselves and reaching those goals because they have the self-esteem to accomplish those goals! Can you imagine?

Well, if you would like to not just imagine, but see these amazing transformations in your child, sign your child up for 4-H SOuL Camp today! Campers at 4-H Camp will check in at Camp White Eagle from 6-6:30 p.m. June 11, and check out from 6-6:30 p.m. June 15. During camp week, youth will engage in a variety of activities designed to challenge, educate and entertain. Two or three free choice periods will be offered daily and will include options such as: swimming, hiking, riflery, nature study, rock climbing, arts and crafts, archery, canoeing, mud volleyball, crate stacking, team building challenges, survival skills, scrapbooking, dance/cheerleading, and GPS scavenger hunts. Evening activities will be provided by 29 highly-trained tee 4-H Camp counselors from the co-sponsoring counties and will include campfires, a dance, and a night of group games. It’s guaranteed to be a blast!

Sign up today, and you can still get your child in on this life-changing experience! The cost is $254, and there are scholarships available for those in need. Download a camper application online at http://web.extension.illinois.edu/bdo/. If you have questions regarding this amazing opportunity for your child, please contact Jodi Baumgartner at the University of Illinois Extension at (815) 732-2191.

Posted June 6, 2012

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