Keystone Pipeline Petition campaign

Dear Editor,

As I am sure you are aware, President Barack Obama has rejected approval of the Keystone Pipeline, which is a privately-financed, $13 billion construction project that will provide 20,000 jobs and bring much-needed oil to the U.S. President Obama’s action is nothing short of appalling. We could take oil we currently purchased from the Middle East and replace it with Canadian crude. This reliable source of oil will stabilize our oil supplies and possibly lead to lower gas prices over time.

The president is clearly beholden to the radical, anti-development left wing. He’s not acting in the country’s best interests. Republicans in the House are determined to fight him on this issue, and we need the support of the business community. People like you, Mr. [Frank] Schier [TRRT editor and publisher], who know what it takes to create jobs and get this economy moving again.

That is why we are launching a nationwide petition campaign that will put enormous pressure on the president to reverse his decision. So, please call my assistant, Janet, today at 1-855-800-9168 so we can include your name.

Thank you!

Congressman Pete Sessions (R-Texas)
National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman

From the June 6-12, 2012, issue

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