Re: Susan Johnson article: ‘Horse Racing: Heartbeats & Hoofbeats’ (May 23-29, 2012 issue)

I’d like to compliment Ms. Johnson for an insightful, well-written article on important aspects of the horse racing industry. We readers get an insight both into the anticipation of a potential champion racehorse and, then, the “end of the trail” that may well await those who “don’t make the grade” and end up being sold to a slaughterhouse.

While I don’t have high regard for PETA, in this case we should “give the Devil his due” and credit them for the kindness they were able to show in this case by rescuing “Coming Home” from a (horse) slaughterhouse and taking her to live out her days on a PETA member’s ranch.

This time, Ms. Johnson has written another among her several fine articles for us in The Rock River Times.

Bill Brod
Byron, Ill.

From the June 13-19, 2012, issue

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