Hockey: Player’s boys drinking from Lord Stanley’s Cup heart warming

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Recently, I saw two little boys drinking chocolate milk out of Lord Stanley’s Cup. Their dad is one of the players from the Los Angeles Kings. I failed to get his name — for the purpose of this story, it really doesn’t matter. It’s more about those two young boys.

In the long-time tradition of allowing each of the players a day with the trophy, this player decided to take it home and use it to complement his breakfast table.

I’m sure he’s not the first player/dad to share it with his family in this manner. What made this unique to me was the sheer joy reflected in the faces of those two little boys as they gulped from the most coveted trophy in all of sports. Their toothy grins were framed in huge chocolate milk mustaches. It was a moment that will live in their memories for a lifetime, and in mine for a very long time.

I’ve seen numerous videos and clips of players drinking beer or champagne out of the cup, but this is the first time I’ve seen little children drinking from it. For some reason, it really had an impact on me. I think it was because I saw it right around Father’s Day.

In fact, I’m sure that had everything to do with it. Father’s Day is always an emotional time for me. I can’t help but think of all the wonderful memories I’ve shared with my dad and also about those that my daughters and I are currently creating — that’s why it’s such a special day for me.

Granted, I’ll never have the opportunity to bring home a Stanley Cup for my girls to drink from, but one of the things I do share with that Kings player is the desire to bring a smile to the ones we love, and the joy derived from doing so.

That’s one of the many things that go into being a good dad, whether you’re a Stanley Cup winner or just someone who writes about them.

From the June 20-26, 2012, issue

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