Put people before landfill greed

Winnebago Landfill expansion needs to be stopped. I listened to a hydrogeologist speak. He said you never want to put a landfill where land is made up of sand, gravel and cavernous limestone: describing exactly where the landfill is sitting. There’s the Glacial, Galena-Platteville Dolomite, and precious St. Peter’s Sandstone aquifer. Which NEED to be PROTECTED! If your elected officials aren’t protecting us, let’s ask our EPA. How does this landfill keep expanding? When it was put on the NPL [National Priority List] for closure? A section got capped off and closed. But the landfill keeps getting permits? How long does the Liner last? Keep in mind this is what is supposed to be protecting our aquifers. Leachate, is it being contained properly? Is the landfill currently in compliance with the EPA? Some of the nine criteria for the landfill are not being met. Safety and welfare of the people. The air we breathe, how much hydrogen sulfide and methane are we getting? Most mornings when I go outside, I have to hold my breath, because of the putrid odors. Damage to our aquifers would be irreversible! Minimize incompatibility with the character of surrounding area, minimize the effect on value of surrounding property. Property values will plummet. We should be attracting positive development to our I-39 corridor. That won’t come if this expansion goes through. It’s sad that generations to come will be suffering for an irreversible and short-sighted decision made if the county board OK’s this expansion.

Tracy Patkus

From the July 4-10, 2012, issue

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