Reply to Daniel Robert Smyth (not Smith)

Look around you; don’t you see what the “unions” have done to America?

What happened to Government Motors, Italian Motors (Chrysler) and some degree to Ford? Does “UAW” come to mind?

The non-union shops in America are building and selling more cars in the United States and the world.

Sure, your “union” gave the worker 8-hour days, five-day weeks, maternity leaves, etc., but also killed the workers’ jobs.

Your union takes money from the workers (that still have jobs) and gives it to the demon-crats. The union’s original function was to help workers with pay, working conditions, health care, pensions, which was a good thing. Look at what the unions have become. They take over companies, make it impossible to make a profit, and force them out of business or make them move out of the United States.

Just look at two states — Illinois and California. These two states are 1 and 2, where no company will ever start a business or expand because they are not RTW (that is, a Right To Work state, in case you didn’t know).

Just ask the people in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina or Ohio if they would rather have the “union” or keep the good-paying jobs that they have.

If Illinois were a RTW state, those companies, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota might be in Illinois. If they were, Illinois would be getting some of the money that these companies bring to their states. Illinois wouldn’t have to raise income tax 66 2/3 percent and corporate tax every other year.

Go ahead and hold your picket sign; see if the “union” pays your mortgage, buys your gas, feeds your family, while you walk the picket line. The “union” bosses in Chicago, Sacramento, Calif., don’t feel your pain; they are out riding around in Air Force One, to China (GE), just to name one.

James C. Davis
Byron, Ill.

From the July 18-24, 2012, issue

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