What unions really accomplish

Daniel Smyth wrote recently with a laundry list of union attributes. While his list was extensive, he missed a few items that should be brought to light. For example, the city of Stockton, Calif., is in the process of filing for bankruptcy. The cause of the demise of the city’s solvency is the extremely high cost of union workers. It’s the same old cycle; Democrats “bargain” with the union, offering huge pay and benefits using taxpayer money. Unions contribute to those same people’s campaigns, and the officials offer more in union contracts. Other fine attributes are the forced union membership and dues payments, coupled with union thuggery to force their will on their opponents.

Last year, the city of Joliet (population — 175,000) had a $27 million budget deficit. The average household income was $48,000. The average city employee salary was $83,500. That’s before their guaranteed pension and Cadillac health care program. City retirees contribute to neither of those benefits. The city asked union employees to contribute $100 per month for health insurance. They said, “No thanks.” As a result, the city doubled the water rate on every resident of Joliet. This is your union in action. These fine union attributes belong with the previous list.

Dave Willis

From the July 18-24, 2012, issue

One thought on “What unions really accomplish

  • Jul 18, 2012 at 7:08 am

    Well put. I am not against unions in prinicple, some such as the Pipefitters Union train their workers and actually have a product to market.

    Others, such as the unions representing Government workers or auto workers have nothing to offer except campaign donations and the threat of a strike.

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