Alcohol on the local rivers, parks and preserves

Recent comments by Frank Schier and others favor allowing consumption of these adult-only drugs in public places such as on the Kishwaukee River. They seem to think and propose that some people cannot have enjoyment without becoming intoxicated. As a parent who has raised children, I and we made a point not to go, and especially, not to take under-aged children to a place where alcohol was to be consumed, including our home. Drinking in the presence of under-aged children gives them the idea that it is an acceptable activity. The child may have a trait to become an alcoholic, though she or he would not have a problem if not tempted to take the first drink. I understand that some people claim to be able to “drink responsibly.” However, the fact is known that responsibility, judgment and control are inhibited by any consumption of alcoholic beverage. Starting with the first drink, the responsibility of the one who can “drink responsibly” is reduced so that she or he no longer can “drink responsibly.” I have seen normally responsible people become irresponsible and lose control as they consume alcohol. Once I hitch-hiked home rather than riding home with a boss who became drunk at a vendor’s hospitality room at an engineering show.

I read an article by some students or alumni of a college in northeastern Illinois who traveled to Mongolia and camped there. Their report stressed that the most significant concern was finding a source of beer, not learning about the country, its people and their culture. Alcohol rules the lives of those who become addicted.

Murders are blamed on knives, guns and ball bats when, frequently, the perpetrator was drunk, and the use of alcohol was the cause.

I prefer to go to places, including parks, rivers and forest preserves, where the consumption of mind-altering drugs, including alcohol, are prohibited.

Remember that when alcohol is consumed, it is the waste product of a lower form of life.

Ed Schott

From the July 25-31, 2012, issue

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