Why would you vote for Obama?

July 25, 2012

In recent polls, it’s amazing that President Barack Obama gets more than 40 percent of the votes. Who are these people?

Is it young people or minorities voting for him, despite their higher unemployment rates due much to Obama’s anti-business rhetoric and composition?

Is it union members in the public or private sector, even though unemployed as a result of Obamanomics? After all, it’s impossible to get much money, taxes or consumer spending from someone that’s unemployed.

Young voters should consider that as our country gets deeper into debt, with Obama’s propensity for spending, the federal budget will incur so much of an interest payment it will leave less and less for our defense, Social Security, Medicare, and other ways to help our citizens.

Do you really want to vote for Obama?

Michael A. Smith

From the July 25-31, 2012, issue

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