Bustos misrepresents Romney’s position

Recently, I wrote a letter opposing Cheri Bustos’ candidacy (Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative). Now, I knew nothing about Ms. Bustos then, except that she was a Democrat and that I was strongly opposed based upon what I had read from her supporters.

In the July 18-24 issue of your paper, there is a front-page article about Sensata employees reaching out to Mitt Romney to save their jobs, along with a guest column by Cheri Bustos. At first I thought it must be a joke, but no … I read both the article and the column. Worse yet, the Freeport City Council voted 8-0 calling on Romney to visit Freeport and “save 170 jobs.”

First of all, Romney is not with Bain Capital anymore, and I suspect he is pretty busy running for president. Furthermore, this is how capitalism works. Private business is not functioning to provide jobs. Its purpose is to produce profit. If a business is successful, jobs will result. To be successful, business must lower costs, be efficient, and even move away if that helps the bottom line and the shareholders/investors. While individuals may suffer inconvenience or hardship, these decisions are absolutely necessary for capitalism to work. It cannot be avoided and still have a free-market system.

It is depressing that so many people don’t get it. I understand why losing your employment and suffering the indignity of training your foreign replacements is a problem. However, these sorts of changes are unavoidable under our system. If Barack Obama gets re-elected, you can expect that system to be replaced. I doubt very much if the employees of Sensata will like what they have then.

Richard Gribbins
Oregon, Ill.

From the Aug. 1-7, 2012, issue

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